Youda Sushi Chef

Time management? Whoever managed to get this genre going certainly knew what they were doing - they effectively kicked off an entire genre that's now packed full of incredibly entertaining games. Games from the likes of the Papa Louie series through to Farmville and Penguin Diner all take elements from the genre to varying degrees, and now we've got Youda Sushi Chef making the genre just that little bit more rich and interesting. Youda Sushi Chef puts you at the helm of a serious master class in sushi as you prepare a variety of different dishes and manage your time effectively in order to build your new sushi business from the ground up.

Youda Sushi Chef

Ordinarily, time management games will introduce you to a fairly pressure-filled situation in which you have to manage and/or perform various tasks simultaneously or concurrently to reach a certain goal; there's usually quite a bit of leeway for new players as well. Youda Sushi Chef's premise is a little more intensive: you're a young sushi chef, a fledgling in the sushi world who has gone and invested a significant quantity of money into a sushi business and has just one single week to secure the business' future by making it successful.

You'll find that Youda Sushi Chef is a game whose pace borders on the relentless at times, though also has an approach that adds up with the game's quirky and unusual design to ensure the maximum level of entertainment for its players whilst being a fairly unique game in what is definitely a genre packed full of overly generic titles that don't offer anything truly special.

There's definitely a wee bit of Papa Louie-esque framework here, with the gameplay involving various customers coming in and placing their orders for all different kinds of sushi. Customers' orders appear in graphic fashion, illustrated in a bubble above their heads. From here it is your job to prepare and serve up the sushi requests of each customer in a timely yet accurate fashion.

You'll find a recipe book with all of the ingredients necessary to create each particular dish. If you follow the recipe correctly - each involves utilising certain quantities of the various ingredients such as one/two servings of standard sushi rice, one of nori, and one of a certain fish such as salmon - then you will be successful in that order. If you don't follow the recipe carefully however, your food will go an unhealthy shade of brown and be completely unusable. It's very reminiscent of say Papa's Donuteria in its general framework, though this is more of a requirement of the genre than a direct inspiration for the developers of Youda Sushi Chef.

New players will naturally find it quite difficult to play at first due to the extreme time pressures, but the experience mirrors the progress of your in-game sushi chef by ensuring that the repetition causes you to memorise each of the sushi dishes, at which point the game becomes a little easier.

The interface is also very clean and efficient, consisting of your customers sitting at the counter with orders popping into the idea bubbles above their heads, a conveyor belt below this to put the food on, the preparation station at the bottom of the screen (including the recipe book for reference), and the cash you're raking in sitting at the bottom-right side of the display.

Cash can be used to buy more ingredients depending on which kinds of orders you're getting - simply phone for the ingredients and choose between standard or express delivery (the latter costs money whilst the former is free). It does get somewhat repetitive after you've been playing for over an hour however, but you'll find that many food-based games are this way - just look at sites such as for a multitude of other time-management food games that take the same format.

There are ways that you can earn cash that's in addition to the standard walk-in orders you deal with on a regular basis. Firstly you can take orders for take-away meals, accepting them and cooking them in addition to your regular customers. This makes things more challenging as you have more dishes to manage and prepare, but the extra money is always welcome. Further cash can be earned through accepting reservations, which also earn you reputations points as well. Remember that the prioritising of take-away or reservation orders will obviously test the patience of all those involved - watch out for the patience meter above each of the customers' heads.

If you're looking for a game with a really clean interface, some very achievable yet highly challenging tasks, and an altogether different take on the often monotonous time management genre, then Youda Sushi Chef has a lot to offer you. The game can be played at - follow this link to read the game's profile and download the game to decide if Youda Sushi Chef really is worth your time.