Get into Japanese Cooking: Which Book

Japanese cookery is very popular just now mainly due to the fact that it's delicious plus eating Japanese food is really good for us. The Japanese are famed for delicious fish dishes and amazing noodle and rice based recipes, while as a nation the Japanese are credited with living to a grand old age due in part to their healthy diet. Here we take a look at the top five Japanese cook books as sold on Amazon.

The Just Bento Cook Book

Just Bento Cook Book

The Just Bento Cook Book is packed with delicious recipes that are not only healthy but also economical to make. Written by Japanese entrepreneur Makiko Itoh  Just Bento features over one hundred and fifty mouth-watering recipes including twenty five bento menus that are all unique to this great recipe book. The book comes in two sections with one featuring Japanese dishes, while the other features dishes that are not strictly Japanese but have a Japanese twist.

Just Bento is packed with fabulous coloured photographs portraying some amazing recipes, while all the ingredients and instructions of how to prepare and cook the recipes are also listed. Many of the recipes in Just Bento are great for using to create packed lunches for work and school plus delicious snacks, while health wise this recipe book receives a huge yes from us!

Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art

Japanese Cooking a Simple Art

This beautiful book is widely regarded as the Japanese cookery bible even though it was originally written some twenty five years ago. The book delves into the use of specific techniques, tools and fabulous ingredients that all come together to bring to the user some amazing Japanese dishes. Written by Shizuo Tsuji this Twenty Fifth Anniversary edition of Japanese Cooking a Simple Art, features intricate drawings and is a must have for those who are interested in learning the art of Japanese cooking.

Colour photographs accompany many of the recipes in this edition, while great features of this amazing Japanese cook book include

  • Part One
  • Use of ingredients and utensils
  • Lessons regarding cooking methods
  • Preparing food such as soups, grilling, simmering, steaming, sushi, pickles, noodles and slicing sashimi
  • Part Two
  • One hundred and thirty delicious recipes
  • Recipes from part one

If you’ve not yet read this excellent book and you are eager to learn the art of Japanese cuisine then this anniversary edition will certainly fit the bill.

Cook Japanese with Tamako

Cook Japanese with Tamako

This particular cook book is great for those who wish to cook wholesome meals for all the family to enjoy. Along with fifty three amazing Japanese recipes the book contains short stories regarding the daily family life of a typical Japanese family, while also offering suggested menus for that special occasion such as birthdays or New Year. Written by Tamako Sakamoto, Cook Japanese is perfect for those who wish to be a little more adventurous in their cooking rather than buying readymade supermarket sushi, while the book is also available to buy in Kindle version.

All the recipes in Cook Japanese are easy to follow making it great for us total novices, while it's a lovely touch how each recipe takes you into the life of the author by way of the little anecdotes that accompany the dishes. Measurements come in both imperial and metric suiting all age groups, while customers of Amazon rated the book a whopping five out of five stars!

Everyday Harumi: Simple Japanese Food for Family and Friends

Everyday Harumi

Everyday Harumi is written by one of Japan's best known and popular cookery writers who offers sixty of her favourite recipes for you and your family to enjoy. Harumi Kurihara has published over one hundred and twenty five books so far making her quite an expert on what we amateurs need to know when it comes to cooking Japanese food.

Everyday Harumi  features fabulous recipes for soups, snacks, starters, party food, main courses and much more. The book contains wonderful photographs that accompany all the easy to follow recipe steps, while cooking skills unique to Japan are also portrayed such as how to chop certain ingredients or how to serve certain foods. From basic sauces through to celebratory meals this amazing Japanese cookbook is a must have for budding cooks and will make an excellent Christmas gift too.

The Sushi Cookbook

The Sushi Cookbook

The Sushi Cookbook is not only an excellent step by step guide to Japanese cookery but is also filled with great tips, methods, techniques and information regarding ingredients and utensils. Written by Roger Hicks and Katsuji Yamamoto the Sushi Cookbook features twenty five excellent Japanese recipes along with what is considered good etiquette when visiting a sushi bar and the meanings of many Japanese words and phrases.

Would be cooks will have lots of fun preparing their own sushi which is actually relatively easy to make, while all the different types of sushi are covered in the book too. Want to know how to fillet fish? The Sushi Cookbook has the answer. Want to serve your sushi in a decorative way? Great tips and techniques in order to do so are portrayed in this book too.

Cooks can read about sushi history and its origins, which is really interesting, while absolute beginners will find it easy to create fabulous sushi when following the easy instructions. Recipes are accompanied by amazing colour photographs too making the Sushi Cookbook a great buy for lovers of all things sushi!