Fun Japanese Games

  • Sushi Cat

    Sushi Cat

    The game mechanics are quite simple and you'll only really have to use the mouse to interact with Sushi Cat. Drag your cursor to position him where you want and click on the game screen to release him from your chopsticks and let him drop down. Different types of sushi are scattered about the stage, most of the time in patterns. One way to collect everything efficiently is to take advantage of Sushi Cat's bounce, angling him to hit walls in order to follow the sushi's arrangement. Upon reaching the bottom of the game screen, Sushi Cat will end up in one of the score bins lined up at the bottom. Sushi Cat will end up in one of the score bins lined up at the bottom.

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  • Youda Sushi Chef

    Youda Sushi Chef

    Time management? Whoever managed to get this genre going certainly knew what they were doing - they effectively kicked off an entire genre that's now packed full of incredibly entertaining games. Games from the likes of the Papa Louie series through to Farmville and Penguin Diner all take elements from the genre to varying degrees, and now we've got Youda Sushi Chef making the genre just that little bit more rich and interesting. Youda Sushi Chef puts you at the helm of a serious master class in sushi as you prepare a variety of different dishes and manage your time effectively in order to build your new sushi business from the ground up.

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